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Out of the total number of ECHR lodged complaints, 90% are considered inadmissible. ECHR complaints made without specialised assistance have the highest degree of rejection.
First of all, an ECHR complaint must be lodged within a maximum of 6 months from the delivery of the decision in the country, and six months is calculated from the date on which one becomes aware of the decision.
Secondly, in order to be ECHR admissible, there must be a final decision in the country regarding the issue for which a complaint is being lodged, so that an unused remedy is no longer possible.
In the case of usable remedies, ordinary remedies must have been used, extraordinary remedies not being taken into account, and you must keep in mind that the use of an extraordinary remedy does not prevent you from lodging an ECHR complaint, and the lodging of an ECHR complaint after the completion of the extraordinary appeal may remove you from the term of 6 months from the last final decision in an ordinary appeal.
When you want to lodge an ECHR complaint, you must know that they are not complaints made against the decision given in the domestic courts, but complaints made for violation of certain rights by the domestic courts, by the authorities, and the courts in the country, which for various reasons have not given you the right to a fair trial or have ignored certain violations of fundamental rights.
The ECHR may mean a solution for reparation of damages, the ECHR may mean a reparation of a violated right, and it may mean a reparation of moral or material damage.
Because an ECHR complaint means expenses, which are not always justified and it is not in all situations recommended to lodge an ECHR complaint, we recommend that you start with a legal advice appointment in the matter concerned, so that we can discuss the details of your case.
If the details of your case contain situations which may be addressed in the case of an ECHR complaint, the cost of the advice given shall be deducted from the fee for lodging the ECHR complaint.
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