In the case of foreign citizens, however, we recommend that this be done only if there is a real business plan and assumed otherwise the size of the problems that may arise is inversely proportional to the constitution act.
We submit the application for registration to the Bucharest / Ilfov Trade Registry, we are witnessing the creation term, we raise the documentation - 550 lei *
In the 3rd and 4th sector of Bucharest, for one year (12 calendar months) we deliver the correspondence in maximum 3 working days from the moment of receipt and we answer the inspection bodies in the case of the visit by contacting them directly - 250 euro / year
Of the constitutive act, setting up points of work, emblem, change of administrator, objects of activity, increase of share capital, social shares etc. - from 300 lei *
EU and non-EU trade transactions - 100 euro / h
In front of the ONPCSB and other control bodies - so be sure to comply with the legislation on preventing and combating money laundering with respect to national / international trade transactions - from 200 euro / month
As required in all areas of the right 50 euro / h, tax, fiscal and VAT 100 euro / h
We offer legal assistance and consulting for obtaining the residence permit for:
  • Carrying out trade activities
  • Professional activities
  • Voluntary workers
  • Studies
  • Family reintegration
  • Scientific research activities
  • Religious activities
  • Depending on the complexity of the case and the number of necessary approvals (employer work authorization, studies diploma recognition, visa, etc.), our fees start from 200 EUR /approval plus taxes, according to the legislation in force.
    Work permits can be obtained both for EU and non EU citizens
  • Obtaining a work permit is subject to the employer obtaining a work notice approval. Thus, the citizens outside the European Union can have on the territory of Romanian only one valid employment contract.
  • The legal taxes to be paid to the state institutions amount to 200 EUR for full-time workers and to 50 EUR for seasonal workers; it must mentioned as well that no Romanian workers must be available for that job and the inclusion in the annual number approved by Government Decision must be possible.
  • The persons who wish to work on the territory of Romania must ensure that medically they are able to work and legally they do not have a criminal record.
  • Our firm offers consulting and assistance in representation in this field for employers, trading companies or natural persons and also for employees.
  • Depending on the company's needs, you can discuss different types of monthly subscriptions / worksheets that will include a number of necessary operations, including the presence of a collaborative attorney at your company's headquarters to correct and direct your legal department. Because we want to meet your needs, the first consultant is free of charge, it can be given by e-mail at or by calling +40 724260692.